About Us

Felted Heart

Felted Heart fashions a green line of clothing and accessories and a line of leather bracelets.  Handcrafted, one-of-a-kind apparel and accessories are made with re-purposed wool, silk, fabric remnants, leather, vintage lace and other materials reflecting a commitment to environmental sustainability. Unique designs include a fanciful rainbow of felted wool ponchos, onesies and infant gowns festooned with wool appliqués, a line of woolly accessories for grownups to include skirts, sweaters, woolly warmers and scarves. Introduced this year, a new line, Zing!, leather stamped sentiment bracelets and eco-friendly cork products.


About the Artist

Mary Sweeney

A self taught artist and designer, Mary started Felted Heart in 2007, with a desire to stay home while raising her children. As a stay-at-home-mom, she was inspired by her children to find something she loved doing that fit her new lifestyle. Mary discovered felting from recycled sweaters, creating her first product, a child’s felted wool poncho, which she still enjoys making today. Mary loves all things woolly, recycled and fun. What warms her heart you ask? Spending time with family and friends, long runs, good coffee and of course crafting beautiful things! She currently lives in Atlanta with her husband and two children and two dogs.